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Dear Friends!

You are here because you like and are able to deliver pleasure to people! You give them pleasure of finding of dream: a fine small house with dark blue windows and a tile roof on small cosy island, from which terrace they can step at once into snow-white sand of a beach where fine palm trees giving a shadow around grow, in warm waters thousand bright and beautiful fishes float, and friendly neighbours every evening invite to themselves to a glass of fine cool wine in beams of the most beautiful decline!

If all I said before is about you I am glad you are here and wish to tell you pair words about us: we are full partners, each of which adheres two key rules: honesty and impartiality. We like to help to people with interesting business - to find the second or the first house abroad, it is favourable to invest the means in the real estate and to take pleasure in this process. Yes it's so! We consider, that it is important to understand: any real estate is an investment, whether you buy that small house on island or hotel in Nice as Mark Twain spoke - "Buy land, they're not making it anymore".

In our work we aspire to give each client more, than it expects, we offer in each situation the optimum decision. In such conditions we choose partners very selectively, we check them and after that we cooperate long and productively! So: if you the builder, the owner of the attractive ground, the owner or the investor of the perspective project, the agent who is guided not only the own interests, but also benefit of the client - we shall be glad to welcomes you to cooperation!

I'm always ready to discuss conditions, and also to answer any other questions on e-mail: or by phone: +31616226887 Yours faithfully from our command and personally! Pavel Kholdeev, the partner of

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